Rural Municipality of Elton


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Community Policies

Bee Policy (Policy 36-2013)

Cemeteries (Policy 42-2014)

Fire Pit Policy (Villages) (Policy 34-2013)

Municipal Pins (Policy 38-2014)

Veterinary Clinic (Policy 46-2016)

Anonymous Communication (Policy 47-2016)

Council Operations Policies

Elton Representation (Policy 30-2012)

Finance Policies

Benevolence/Donations (Policy 44-2015)

Cell Phone Allowance – Public Works (Policy 39-2014)

Communication Allowance (Policy 40-2014)

Community Centres (Policy 28-2012)

Community Centres Capital & Non-typical Operating Expenses (Policy 59-2017)

Community Wells (Policy 41-2014)

Computer Program Renewals (Policy 51-2016)

Outstanding Accounts Added to Taxes    (Policy 50-2016)

Penny Policy (Policy 32-2013)

Private Work – Orders (Policy 26-2012)

Procurement Policy (Policy 29-2012)

Tax Sale – Advertising Cost (Policy 27-2012)

Taxation Deadline (Policy 25-2012)

Waterline Connections (Policy 45-2016)

Tangible Capital Asset (TCA) Thresholds and Amortization Rates (Policy 48-2016)

Outstanding Accounts Added to Taxes (Policy 50-2016)

Computer Program Renewals (Policy 51-2016)

Notification of Tax Sale Process (Policy 57-2017)

Fines (Policy 62-2017)

Machinery Policies

Employees – Equipment Rentals (Policy 12-2012)

Equipment Rental (Policy 11-2012)

Mowing – Spraying (Policy 13-2012)

Private Work – Lane Maintenance (Policy 19-2012)

Private Work – Lost Time Where Equipment Delayed (Policy 14-2012)

Private Work – Rental Rate (Policy 15-2012)

Private Work – Standing Work Orders (Policy 20-2012)

Private Work – Work Orders (Policy 16-2012)

Rates (Policy 18-2012)

Office Policies

Advertising (Policy 31-2012)

Municipal Maps (Policy 55-2017)

Personnel Policies

Complaints Process – Council (Policy 21-2012)

Complaints Process – Employees (Policy 21-2012)

Meals & Alcohol (Policy 24-2012)

Public Works Employees – Banked Hours (Policy 23-2012)

Public Works Employees – Lunch Overtime (Policy 49-2016)

Employees Hours Due to Extreme Weather (Policy 58-2017)

Working Alone or in Isolation (Policy 63-2017)

Roads Policies

Animal-Pest Control-Beavers (Policy 6-2012)

Approaches (Policy 3-2012)

Baling for Hay (Policy 4-2012)

Dust Control(Policy 35-2012)

Employees – Road Conditions (Policy 1-2012)

Mailbox Replacement (Policy 5-2012)

Municipal Culvert Sales (Policy 43-2014)

Pavement (Policy 8-2012)

Priority – Road Clearing After Snow Storm (Policy 9-2012)

Private Work – Open Any Non-All Season Road (Policy 10-2012)

Private Work Approved by Council – Office (Policy 2-2012)

Signs(Policy 7-2012)

Snow Left on Municipal Roads & Public Property (Policy 37-2014)

Trenching – Boring Municipal Roads (Policy 33-2012)

Snow on Municipal Sidewalks and Backlanes in Villages   (Policy 53-2017)

Work Near or Affecting Councillors Property (Policy 54-2017)

Utility Policies

Utility Connection Requests (Policy 45-2016)

Emergency Access to Forrest WTP (Policy 52-2017)

Utility Connection Fees (Policy 56-2017)

Minimum Utility PSI (Policy 60-2017)

Waterline Connection Tampering (Policy 61-2017)


Forms and Licenses

Grading, Plowing and/or Mowing Request Form

If you wish to request work from the RM of Elton for grading, plowing and/or mowing, please complete the form below and return to the municipal office or call the municipal office with your request.

Grading, Plowing, Mowing Request Form

License for Use of Elton Municipal Road Allowances Application/Form

Effective immediately, anyone wishing to use Elton Municipal Road Allowances for any purpose must complete the appropriate License Application each year, prior to the use of any road allowance.  If you wish to use a municipal road allowance, please complete the form below and return to the municipal office.

License to Use Road Allowance-Other

License to Use Road Allowance – Hay

Baling for Hay Licenses Issued in 2017 – Baling Licenses Approved as of May 5, 2017



Elton Rural Waterline Information and Contacts

October, 2017 Letter + Information to Connectors

Plumbers Listing (2017)

Water is tested bi-weekly for bacteria, which is reviewed by Manitoba Drinking Water Office.  Should a test have unusual results, Office of Drinking Water and the Water Cooperative are notified immediately to take required steps.   A complete analysis is required every 3 years and below you will find the documents and reports with specific information.


2014 Elton Annual Compliance Audit

2014 Whitehead Elton Regional Annual Compliance Audit

2014 Water Analysis

Office of Drinking Water; Elton Utility – PWS 2013 Audit

Office of Drinking Water; Whitehead Elton Regional – PWS 2013 Audit

2010 Alexander Inspection Report; 2010 Alexander Audit; 2010 Alexander Letter

2011 Whitehead-Elton Water Co-op Annual Report & Analysis

2012 Elton Utility Annual Report

Additional Drinking Water System information can also be found by following the link below: under View the Data for Public Water Systems Open Year Round.


Brandon and Area Planning District

The Brandon and Area Planning District (BAPD) is a partnership between the City of Brandon, the Rural Municipality of Cornwallis and the Rural Municipality of Elton.  The District administers land use matters and building permit application and inspection services on behalf of the Rural Municipality of Elton.


7th Street Entrance, 633 Princess Avenue
Brandon Manitoba
R7A 0P3

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Closed all statutory holidays


Evergreen Environmental Technologies (Landfill)

Evergreen Website

Evergreen Environmental Technologies Landfill is located on NE 11-14 17 WPM.  Directions are:

1) from junction of No. 10 and PR 353 – east 10 miles to Douglas/Cordova Rd

2) north on Cordova Rd 6 miles to PR 465 (Road 77N)

3) turn east 1 mile to dead end at PR 466

4) north on PR 466 for 3 miles (on west side of road)

Evergreen Environmental Technologies – Map/Directions

Acceptable Recycle for RM of Elton

Community Wells

Derry Well: located on Derry Road two miles north of #1 Highway (SE 24-11-17 WPM). The well is operated by a key lock. Keys can be obtained at the Elton Municipal Office.

Elton South-West Group Well: located on the north side of #1 Highway 1 ½ miles west of 18th Street in Brandon (SW 3-11-19 WPM). The well is operated by a key lock. Keys can be obtained at the Elton Municipal Office.

Forrest Community Well: located adjacent to the Forrest Community Club in Forrest, Manitoba. The well is operated by a pin keypad with locked panel cover at a cost of $12.00 per 100 gallons.  Key and pin codes can be obtained at the Elton Municipal Office.

Equipment Rental

The municipality operators two motor graders and one CAT 436 Backhoe. Equipment may be rented for small jobs within the RM of Elton at an hourly rate. Please contact the Elton Municipal Office for further information.

Dust Control

Effective June 13, 2017 residents/taxpayers will be responsible to arrange for application of dust control at their property.  Please notify Elton Municipal Office 1 week prior for approval and prep of the site.  For more information please see Policy 35-2013. The Municipality reserves the right to grade through any dust control surface if deemed necessary.