Rural Municipality of Elton

Whitehead Elton Regional Water Co-op Inc. Annual Report

Below please find the links to the Whitehead Elton Regional Water Co-op Inc. (WERWC) Annual Report.

#1 WERWC Annual Report

#2 WERWC Drinking Water Officer Audit Report

#3 General Chemical Analysis Report

#4 Appendix A Bacterial Sample Results

#5 Appendiz B Water Use Report

#6 Arsenic Results 2016

#7 North Level Logger

#8 South Level Logger


Elton Utility Rates (Proposed under By-law No. 1501 of the Rural Municipality of Elton)

Below please find links to documents circulated regarding proposed Utility Rate Increases for the Elton Utility Consumers:

PUB Final Notice of Application Elton

Rural Municipality of Elton BL 1501 Elton Utility Rates 2014-2016

Letter to Elton Utility Consumers Proposed Rate Changes (Aug 14’14)



By-Law 1462  Civic Addressing

By-law 1454 Solid Waste and Recycling

By-law 1455 Prevention and Control of Wildland Fires

By-Law 1375 Nuisance


Voters List Maintenance

Public Notice is hereby given in pursuant to Section 36 of The Municipal Councils and School Boards Elections Act and the RM of Elton Voters List is open for changes or revisions that any person who is eligible to vote in municipal elections in the RM of Elton can have a name added, deleted, information changed or their name obscured from the list. To implement the above a written request must be submitted to the Senior Election Official by March 22, 2013, in person, by email, fax or mail to:

RM of Elton Forrest, MB R0K 0W0

PH: 204-728-7834; Fax: 204-725-1865; Email:

Assiniboine Delta Aquifer

The Assiniboine Delta Aquifer Management Advisory Board would like to remind everyone who uses the Assiniboine Delta Aquifer as their water source to have their water tested as it may contain arsenic. Please see the attached brochure for all of the information including laboratories for testing.

Delta Aquifer Notice 2013